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Trix Tick Remover for Pets

Product Description

TRIX, the market leading tick remover, can quickly and painlessly remove ticks from your pet. The unique design allows the entire tick to be removed at once, which reduces the risk of infection.

The Tick Remover is working by the lasso principle. It is very fast to adapt and therefore easy to use with children and pets, who sometimes are difficult to hold still.

The long and narrow design makes it easy to use in ears, thick fur and other difficult and narrow places. The remover also works very well even if fur or hair comes into the loop.

The removed tick will always stay at the tip of the remover which enables you to dispose the tick without even touching it. The loop is made of special fiber which has pull strength of more than 20 lbs and the loop fully extended is big enough for removing almost all tick species in the world.

The Trix tick remover has got a International Patent and the product is also Design- and Brand Name protected. The product is manufactured in Sweden and has been approved by the Medical Products Agency and been granted with a CE marking. Trix is delivered in transparent blister pack together with a user manual.

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