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Raising EVA Handgrip Standard 85cm

Product Description


Raising EVA, Handgrip Standard and Handgrip High are intended to be used as a bed support handle / bed turn handle as well as a protection for not rolling out of the bed.

Raising EVA is a very stable raising aid that fits most of the beds and is easy to set up (no need of special tools and no need to drill).

NOTE! Please note that you have to order two parts to get a complete product. The Floor support has to be ordered with Handgrip Standard or Handgrip High depending on the height of the bed.

The raising support is mounted by fastening the handgrip in the floor support, screwing the handgrip with the floor support by tightening the screws.

Adjust the 2 brackets so they are positioned under the lowest bedside and tighten the screws.

Special brackets for low beds are available. Minimum bedside height: 11 cm.

Before use, ensure proper installation and that the screws are well tightened.

EVA Floor support special design does not take too much space on the floor in order to facilitate the access of for example a rollator or a wheel chair to the bed.

Max user weight: 150 kg.

Art.nr: 151062   Handgrip total height: 85cm, weight: 3,1kg

Available Spare parts:
Art.nr: 15106012                         Screws
Art.nr: 15106013                         Screwing key
Art.nr: 15106014                         Anti slip protections
Art.nr: 15106010-S                     Brackets
Art.nr: 15106015-S                     Brackets for low beds

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