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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Terms of purchase

Do you live outside of Sweden and want to shop, please contact us directly via info@swereco.se or via phone +46 8 444 38 20


Swereco's goal is to always provide a professional and high level of service to our customers. The following are our terms of purchase, consistent with applicable laws and our own guidelines.  If you have any inqueries Please contact us at info@swereco.se

All prices are in SEK including 25% VAT. Applicable price is indicated by the date the customer places his order. Shipping costs are reported before confirming your purchase.
Ordering and Shipping
Cancellation or modification of an order can be made on info@swereco.se right up until the product has been sent. After that the customer is responsible for return shipping.
Swereco usually keeps all products in stock and can offer a speedy delivery. Goods are normally packed and shipped from our warehouse within a few business days after your order is received.

Online Payment
We accept debit and credit cards Visa and MasterCard / Maestro. Swereco work with DIBS Payment Services, which is the leading provider of payment services via the Internet and certified according to industry's new heightened security PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
When paying by card you will be directed to a secure site using SSL certificates from DIBS Payment Services, where you can safely enter your card details and implement the payment. Once payment is approved you will be redirected back to swereco.se where you get a confirmation that your purchase is completed.
Choose your type of card at the checkout and fill in your card number, card expiration month and your control number. The control number is the last three digits in the signature panel on the back of your credit card.

The invoice will be sent with your products. Payment period is 15 days from the date the products are. Swereco reserves the right to conduct a credit check before products are sent.

Free shipping applies to all Swereco products. Depending on the size it will be delivered to specified address or nearest Privpack agent.
The order can be delivered to a jobbaderss for a fee of 79kr ink. VAT or to your door (during daytime) at a cost of 129kr ink. VAT.

Privpack agent

Delivery is made to the beneficiary's next Schenker Privpak agent. Agents are small stores or large chains such as ICA, Coop, Statoil or OKQ8. Opening hours are usually from early morning to late evening. The dinstance to nearest agent might be longer in rural areas. Search for closest Shenker agent.

Notification via SMS (if a mobile number has been given) or mail. When collecting the parcel the receiver has to show an identification. When there has been a SMS notification the PIN code received has to be indicated when collecting the parcel. If the parcel is picked up by someone else than the addressed person identification has to be shown for both the addressed person and the person picking up the parcel. The parcel must be claimed at the agent within 14 days, then sent it back to Swereco. For packages that are not picked up in time a fee of SEK 180 will be charged to the customer for return shipping and administration.
SEK 79 Work/Companys (parcels delivered to a company)
Packages are delivered to the cusomers workplace during normal working hours 07.00-16.00. Deliveries should be signed at the front-desk or at the designated goods reception. Distribution according to timetable available on Schenker's website www.dbschenker.com / se

Private recipients are announced via text message or e-mail and then collect the parcel at the front-desk / goods reception. The customer must ensure that the employer agrees to the delivery of packages to the private workplace.
Distribution according to timetable available on Schenker's website www.dbschenker.com / se


If the recipient is not reachable, there are the following options:
1. The parcel can be picked-up at Schenker's terminal after agreement.
2. The parcel is delivered to the workplace again against an extra compensation by agreement.
SEK 129 Home, daytime
Home delivery is done during the daytime when the recipient is at home and in person can receive the goods. Deliveries are announced via telephone. Therefore, the recipient's mobile- or telephone number where the recipient can be reached has to be given. Home delivery is done during daytime on weekdays between 08.00-16.00.
Unclaimed packages
Packages remains 14 days at the agent. Unclaimed package will be returned to the sender.
For unclaimed packages the customer is charged a fee of SEK 180 for shipping and returns.

If a product is faulty or defective please contact us for further details at info@swereco.se for further instructions. Comlaints should be done within 14 days from reception of goods. Return freight of defective goods is payed by Swereco.The merchandise must be returned well packaged and in original packaging. If goods are damaged or lost when you return it, you are responsible for payment.
If, upon receiving the goods, you notice that the goods is damaged you should immediately report this to Schenker.
Return policy
Swereco is applying the rules of Distanshandel, which means you can cancel your purchase within 14 days of receipt, without giving any reason. The product must be returned in unused condition and original packaging. The purchase price will be refunded in full within 30 days after we have received the goods back. The customer is responsible for return shipment. Returns can not be done by cash on delivery. If goods are damaged or lost when you return it, you are responsible for payment.

Force Majeure
Swereco is exempt from penalty for failure to perform certain obligations in this Agreement if the failure is due to liberating circumstances as described below and the fact impedes, prevents or delays the performance. As the liberating factor to be considered among others are agency action or a failure, new or amended legislation, industrial disputes, blockades, strikes, fire or flood, sabotage or accident of significant size. The force majeure also includes government decisions that affect the market negatively and products, such as restrictions, warnings, ban on sale, etc.
Swereco reserves for any typos and changes of technical data that is beyond our control. We can not guarantee that all pictures accurately reflect the true appearance or color.